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Welcome! We are most appreciative of your interest in
Water Tight Technologies and
our RUBBERALL® and BRITE-n-EZ™ product lines.

Water Tight Technologies' success can be traced to experience and knowledge spanning four decades in rubber processing as well as the manufacturing and marketing of commercial roofing products.

Water Tight Technologies’ success over the years is attributed to our keen awareness of the entrepreneurial spirit of the person that toils with his hands, the roofing contractor. Through an array of distribution and building material dealers the RUBBERALL® EPDM product line has achieved much success in what may loosely be referred to as the snow-belt. RUBBERALL® addresses the many needs of roofing and landscape contractors by making a quality product available for roofing, pond lining and a multitude of other applications.

In recent years, high energy costs have prompted building and home owners to question the energy efficiency of a black EPDM roof. In 2007, Water Tight Technologies introduced BRITE-n-EZ™ Roof Coating to address the need of the owner who wanted the performance of an EPDM black roof membrane but also wanted the energy efficiency of a white reflective layer. BRITE-n-EZ™ Roof Coating system consist of a primer and Styrene/Acrylic elastomeric top coat that demonstrates far superior adhesion and less moisture absorption than similar products offered by others. In 2008, BRITE-n-EZ™ TPO white membrane was introduced. This fully adhered roof system was designed to address the needs of the roofing contractor who prefers taped seams rather than heat welded seams.

The RUBBERALL® EPDM product line is distributed in the snow-belt of the United States as well as parts of Europe. The BRITE-n-EZ™ Coating and TPO product lines will be marketed through a nation-wide distribution network.

Please navigate our website to learn more about the RUBBERALL® and BRITE-n-EZ™ family of products and their many uses. For quick reference we have provided a handy site map.

Thank you for visiting this web site and for your interest in our products.